Separating over sixty

Separating over sixty

When you are facing retirement or have recently retired, it is not unusual to realise that you and your spouse have grown apart to the extent that you cannot face another 20 years or so together.

This is a very worrying time, when your finances are finite, and the prospect of separation seems overwhelming.

Your first step should be to gather as much information as possible about your joint finances and then arrange a confidential interview with us where we can explain likely outcomes and costs and reassure you that the process will be manageable. Within a fixed fee of £290 including VAT, our service includes a comprehensive follow-up letter or email to an address of your choice or for you to collect.

Painful as it will be, if it is safely possible you should try to sit down with your spouse to tell them how unhappy you are. Be ready to suggest counselling or marriage guidance and have the details available. This can sometimes be the wake-up call your spouse needs to look at some changes.

Some clients then find it very helpful to go away for at least four or five days alone to somewhere neutral. This gives you both thinking time and time to contemplate a longer-term single life.

Our experienced solicitors understand your anxiety and you will find us empathetic but professional. Our charging arrangements are transparent and fully explained and we are often cheaper than other local firms.

When you phone for an appointment you will almost always speak to a solicitor immediately so that we can reassure you about the way forward.

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